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Our Services

We help you with every aspect of your real estate needs. If you have questions, please contact us.

Real Estate Closings

There are many aspects of a closing that can get complicated. Arnette Law helps you to feel comfortable as you know that everything will be taken care of for you.

Some of the aspects of the closing that we handle include...

Contract Negotiation​

We insure that any contracts that you have to sign are done so in accordance with NC State Law and that all terms are adhered to in order to insure that it's legally binding.

Addressing Liens

We will insure that the seller has the ability to in fact sell the property with no liens attached through a title search and we will address any issues that arise.

Filing of Paperwork​

​Whether this is a residential or commercial transaction, we are able to get the proper documents filed for you so that you don't need to worry about it.

Residential Real Estate


Your home is probably the single most expensive investment that you will make in your lifetime. Every detail in the purchase of a home is important. At Arnette Law, we handle residential real estate closings with this in mind. We are approved by every major lender and Title Company in North Carolina and we work hard to ensure our clients experience in the purchase of a home is as simple as possible.

Remember, you have the right to choose your closing attorney. Inform your agent and lender that you will be using Arnette Law to handle your closing. We are competitively priced and offer outstanding customer service.

Just call our Raleigh or Durham offices at 919.747.2208 with any questions about the closing process and our services or complete our contact form to begin the process.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate transactions can be significantly different than residential real estate transactions and our staff is very experienced in the nuances of each.

We handle commercial real estate closings as well as contract negotiations. Our staff begins work well before closing to make sure all the pieces are in place to ensure a smooth transaction. We leave nothing to chance and do all in our power to avoid last minute surprises and road blocks.

Just call our Raleigh or Durham offices at 919.747.2208 with any questions about this process or about our services or you may complete our contact form.


If you're facing foreclosure, our team is here to help you. There are many ways to work through a foreclosure and several different things to consider including whether or not you should file for personal bankruptcy, whether or not you could consider refinancing your mortgage, the possibility of a short sale or even a mortgage modification.

We can assist you in order to get through the complicated maze of legal issues of mortgage foreclosure, allowing you to track down legitimate and reputable help that could assist you in staying in your home--or at least keep you from losing even more in the long run.

Landlord/Tenant Issues


There are a multitude of issues that could arise in a landlord tenant relationship and it's best not to take these legal matters in your own hands. Often times, there are specific state laws that govern landlord/tenant issues and we are able to negotiate that legal maze for you.

Representing the Landlord

There are ways that a landlord can protect their rights and their property and often times that begins with insuring that the correct lease is in place. If situations arise and negotiation is not possible, we can assist you with legal proceedings.

Representing the Tenant

As with any relationship, sometimes there are issues that can not be resolved, no matter how hard you try. In the case of a situation with a landlord, you have legal rights and we can represent you to insure that your rights are protected.

Additional Services

Deed Preparation

​Preparing the deed is a complicated process and there are many aspects to it including drafting  restrictive covenants, inclusion of all parties involved, property description, description of the mortgage, etc. We will handle all of those details for you and insure that everything is completed and filed.


Power of Attorney Preparation

Although it's not required by law to have a power of attorney prepared by an attorney, we encourage you to seek legal guidance. There can be very tricky legal issues that arise with a power of attorney and it's best to not only protect yourself but also the individual who you're becoming power of attorney for.

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